Joey and the dream boy – 7

“Well … I mean ….”
She paused for a moment with a thoughtful look.

“Ummm. Joey, did you just uh … well, you know …. “
I didn’t just blush, I turned crimson with embarrassment.
“OK, that doesn’t matter. But were you in Marco’s head just now?”
“What do you mean?” I asked her.
“I’ll be getting quite a lot of flack by telling you this,” she replied. “Quite a lot … but I think it will make you less suspicious of me or, above all, of Marco.”
I looked at her, waiting for what I suspected was coming.
“There’s something that is hereditary in our family, that usually only appears around our 25th birthday. It has to do with sharing our feelings with the ones we love. We are for some reason able to … how shall I say it? … two people that really love each other can feel each others emotions. Or maybe, even better, actually see them from the point of view of the other person. It sounds strange but it’s really fun once you get used to it.”
“OK … but Marco isn’t yet 25, is he?”
“No, that’s right. That’s what makes this weird. I was talking to our grandpa about it and he pointed out that sometimes it starts at a younger age. I asked if he knew the reason in the case of Marco. He said he didn’t know but then he just smiled. I think he knows the reason but he said it wasn’t for me to discover yet.”
“So what does all this mean?”
“Well, at the very least, that you are meant for each other.”
“So you’ve come to the conclusion that that is the reason that this phenomenon has started for him now?”
“Yes, absolutely. You know brothers and sisters feel certain things and I can see his aura sometimes. And that has been different from the moment he started to talk about you, to be honest.”
I felt confused. It was all too much to understand.
“But if it’s your family’s gift, why am I the person who is able to be inside Marco’s head every time and see what he thinks and feels? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?”
“I don’t really understand how this connection works between you two. It seems different from the normal, for sure … special even. And we just have to wait and see how it evolves, Joey.”
“Ready to talk?” I heard Julian ask from behind his computer.
“Yes, almost. Don’t be so impatient,” Anita said.
“But what about …?” I started to ask.
“Later Joey. Let’s take this one step at a time. But maybe you want to get something you’ve already dreamed about out of this?” she added playfully.
I felt myself start to blush again.
“Doesn’t matter, we all have dreams and hopes,” she added.
“Do you think Marco felt it?” I asked.
“What do you mean? That you sense what he’s thinking?”
“From last night’s dream?”
“I’m not sure, Joey, but you might find out in the future. But now, back to practical matters: I’m going to get something for you and you can change in that corner.”

I let out a sigh as Anita was walking towards the door. My head was spinning from everything she’d told me. It was, at the same time, so strange, but not so strange. Although it was still not about things like the jockstrap and the outcome of the game.
“Is everything okay?” Julian asked.
“Yes, I think so. I have ummm … this problem. “
“Not to worry. Anita is going to get something clean. The funny thing is, this kind of thing usually happens later in the fitting and I’m usually the one who ….. But just get changed and then Francis can continue.”
“Yes, thank you, Julian”.
“No problem. We men have to stick together, don’t we?” he said with a laugh.
“What are you doing in the meantime?”
“I’ve refined the sizes in the computer and, at the moment, it’s set to the calculation based on the clothing that Anita has chosen. If Francis is finished, then we’ll start with the trousers and shirts. That’s just the first stage. I’m not easy satisfied, I’ll want to check everything to see that it fits properly ….”
“You mean everything will be tailored specifically for me?” I interrupted him.
“Of course! What else did you think I was doing here? We must have a selection of clothes that are exactly right … tight where it should be tight and loose if that was the intended original design.”
“And what has Anita chosen?”
“You’ll see. But she really has excellent taste. I myself have made one or two suggestions for additional outdoor wear, but I can assure you that you’ll look sexy without being over the top. Exactly right for a guy of your age.”
“That’s why you said I would stand out.”
“Absolutely. I know you’ve never had clothes like this before but, after you see yourself in my outfits, the clothes you had with you, I suspect, will be consigned to the charity donation bag!” he laughed.
Anita came back with some other clothes for me to try on and I changed into them quickly.

A moment later, I sat back in the chair. I cannot tell you in detail what happened during the next hour but, after my hair was cut, Francis said that this was just the start though it looked finished to me.
Then we had a luxurious lunch. After that, Francis went back to shaping my hair and came up with the idea that streaks of colour … dark blond in one section, a slash of dark blue in another … would be a good idea or might even be perfect. I had my doubts, but I knew that I should trust him and let him do his thing.
Francis also worked on my eyebrows and shaved my legs. Why, I did not know … but I was fine with it. It actually looked quite sexy and felt so smooth. My eyebrows he had clipped a little shorter and better aligned with my face. Even I could see the improvement.
After a coffee and some consultations, there was a knock at the door.
“Come in!” cried Julian.
A young guy wheeled in a rack of clothes.
“Is that all that’s available at this time?” Julian asked.
“Yes, Julian. All that conformed to the data in the computer,” he answered as he quickly checked me out from head to toe.
“Good, you can go now.”
He turned around, looking slightly disappointed. “Anita will be helping you, right?”
“Yes, of course.”
Julian moved the rack close by and said, “We’ll dress you completely at first. I think that will work best, but we’ll see. Underwear first!”
I looked at Anita.
“Come, come,” she laughed, “no time to be shy, Joey.”

I stepped out of my shorts and underwear and quickly grabbed the new ones from Julian. They felt soft and very nice, I thought. They felt incredible as I pulled them up my legs. My dick had enough space and filled the pouch beautifully. My balls also seemed to have their own specific space. “Wow, Julian, these are amazing!” I exclaimed.
“Incredibly hot, Joey!!” Anita burst out at the same time.
Julian laughed in pleasure. “If you think that now, just wait. It only gets better.”

For the next hour I tried on all the selections, one by one. I had really only one thing to say: Wow! I hadn’t expected any of this to happen, and I tried to tell Anita that it was all too much and cost too much money but, unfortunately, I realised that I had lost that fight yesterday when I agreed to come.

There were a few items included that I was not sure I would ever wear, but I didn’t tell them that.
When I had tried on the last item, I asked if we were finished.
“Yes almost,” replied Julian. “I have two more recommendations: first, what to wear tomorrow, and two, what to wear when you leave here. I want you to make a dazzlingly memorable impression on Petra.”
He gave me the clothes and told me to put them on and wear them tomorrow as well. Even though I found them somewhat daring, wearing them felt good. Yes, I would definitely be noticed. I just did not know whether I really wanted so much attention.

After that outfit, Julian dressed me in a tight pair of light blue jeans with a dark red polo shirt. I looked in the mirror. Yeah, that was pretty spectacular. I also understood how well those colours stood out against the light red of my jacket. The red in the shirt was not too dark, making the colours quite compatible.
“And Anita …” Julian asked, “was this about what you wanted?”
I saw Anita’s jaw literally drop. “You have outdone yourself, Julian.”
“Well, now onto the next facet, the shoes,” he said as he walked to the door.
“Do I really have to add new shoes?” I asked Julian.
“No, this pair is showing just enough of your leg and foot. Tomorrow, you’ll have to change to a pair of open-toed sandals,” he replied.
“Shit, now I know what I forgot,” Anita said suddenly.
“There can’t be anything you missed,” I interjected, trying to stop her from buying anything more. I didn’t want her to get anything else.
I followed Julian quickly to the great hall. It was just as busy but the sound level suddenly dropped as I walked through the door. I clearly saw that, here and there, mouths remained open, while others undressed me with their eyes.
Julian led me to a door at the far end of the hall. I walked through the great hall feeling a little shy. I kept my eyes averted, I dared not look around. But the silence and the looks I got made me feel stronger and more assured. I smiled and took the last steps more confidently.
Julian did not knock, he just walked in. He said, “Ta da!” to announce our arrival.
“We don’t knock any more, Julian?” Petra said with a slight irritation in her voice.
“You wanted proof … so look at this.” And with that he stepped aside.
I stood before her, completely transformed. I looked straight at her and turned slowly. As I stood directly in front of her, I saw her jaw drop. Anita, who was standing behind me, whispered, “She doesn’t know what to say.”
I smiled in triumph. “OK, stop it now,” Petra said. “Wow, Joey, I knew you were a stud even wearing those horrible clothes this morning, but this? Man, you just radiate sex! Incredible. I could take you like this.”
“Oh, no,” I thought and felt my face become red yet again.
“Anyway, I think I’ll leave that to Anita’s brother. I think he’ll appreciate that more.”
Now I was twice as red if that was possible. I looked in panic at Anita, but she just shrugged her shoulders.
“Isn’t it pretty clear, though, Joey? All those in the know have to do is look, right, Julian?”
I looked at Julian. “Sorry, but my gaydar is pretty good, so it doesn’t take much to see what you are. All I did was bring out those qualities in applying the right accents in these clothes.”
“Oh,” I said, only half understanding what he meant.
“Good, then we need to settle the balance on your account, Anita,” said Petra.
Anita walked over to Petra and together they talked quietly.
Anita then turned around. “Joey, there’s something you can do for me. You asked earlier today to … well, could you do anything to make up for all this.”
“You mean, the money and stuff?”
“Yes, Petra has a favour to ask. She wants to include you as a model in her catalog. That means that on the holiday Monday, you’d be here for a photo shoot. Would you like that?”
“Me? I …,” I stammered.
“Yes, you!” exclaimed Petra. She came closer and put her arm around my shoulder. “You really have no idea, do you, Joey? We’ll agree to call you at the end of the week. I think you’d better get it into your head how attractive you really are.”
I nodded, but changed my mind and said, “I’ll call you, OK?”
“That’s fine. Do it or I’ll send Anita after you!” she added.
I looked at a laughing Anita and agreed. “Yeah that’s fine.”
We left the shop and got into the car. “You OK with all of this?” Anita asked.
“Yes, it’s fine.” I looked down to assess the way I looked.
“Do you expect any problems at home?” she asked.
“No, probably no one will be home.”
“OK, you know you can always come with me to our place?”
“It’ll be OK, I have to do some homework. I’ll put my old clothes on when I get home.”
“Good. If there’s something you need or want tomorrow morning, call me, OK?” she said firmly.
I looked at her.
“Joey, promise me that if anything happens, you’ll call me. I or someone else will be there within ten minutes. Wait outside if need be.”
“That’s not necessary. They leave me on my own. They’ve been that way all these years.” With that answer I turned my face away from her. It had been a wonderful day and I didn’t want to spoil it with self pity. I didn’t want that and I didn’t deserve it either.
We both were silent for the rest of the trip. When we arrived, I said a grateful “Thank you!” I turned and headed for the door.
I was right; there was no one home.

The next morning when I woke up, I heard some noise in the kitchen. They’d just gotten home, I guess. I’d done my homework and had my new clothes neatly hung and folded. I had put some in hidden places so they wouldn’t be spotted immediately. I did my laundry myself, so that shouldn’t pose a problem.
Monday morning I was up early. I wanted to be gone before they woke up. Normally I never did that but today they could just deal with it. I had some money left over and really wanted to have a nice breakfast. I went down the street to a small bakery where you could also drink some coffee and have a delicious hot croissant.
I opened the door and walked in. There was a girl of about 19 or so behind the cash register. She looked up when I came in and said, “What would you like?”
“A coffee and two croissants, warm if you have them.”
She smiled and replied, “Sure, no problem. I’ve never seen you here before, have I?” she added as she wet her lips with her tongue and tossed her long hair over her shoulders.
Ah, that must be her being flirtatious , I thought. She didn’t recognize me even though I’d been in the shop at least two to three times a week before today.
“No, I just moved here.” It seemed like a good idea to play along. I wanted to see where this would go.
“If you want, I can show you around the town.”
OK, she definitely thinks I’m straight! I was still smiling, though it was getting harder to still play the game. But this was fun, it was something that I wasn’t used to yet.
“No thanks, I’ll be able to find my way around, I think.”
I sat down and tried to ignore her. Moments later, I got my coffee and the croissants with a napkin. I saw she’d written some numbers on it. She saw me looking and said, “That’s for you if you change your mind.”
Fortunately, at that moment, the door opened and she had to return to the counter.

I could feel myself blush. This attention wasn’t what I was used to but I’d been warned. Was I really that good looking? I didn’t know what I was expecting but this seemed a little much. Apparently the change in my hair and the addition of a new wardrobe (I was wearing the light blue jeans from yesterday with a yellow polo shirt that was tight around the upper part of my chest and looser on the bottom) had certainly had the desired effect. Though it was a bit chilly, I deliberately did not wear a coat. I had no socks on and my legs were visible a good 10 cm above my ankle. I wore my old shoes, but this was the best combination I could think of.
With my bag over my shoulder, I started off on my way to school. And yes, it was different. In the last 500 meters, I encountered more and more of my schoolmates. They looked at me as if they’d never seen me before. Who was that handsome boy with the chic clothing and spiky hair? Probably none of them had ever noticed me because I had always been looking down, invisible.

My self-confidence grew. No one said anything to me and, because I was early enough, I made it to my classroom without being stopped. There was only one student present when I got there. He looked at me and asked, “Hey, are you in the right class?”
“Yes, definitely,” I said as I walked over to my usual place.
“Oh, Joey sits there ….” He stopped and added, “Joey, is that you?”
I smiled and said, “Yes, it’s me.”
“Wow, that’s an incredible makeover.”
“You bet!” I replied.
“You look really cool, you know? Completely different!”
I smiled and looked towards the door as the first girls came in. They were busy talking. The chatter stopped when one of them looked at me. I saw her look me up and down. It was a good thing that I was sitting down, I thought. The other girl pushed her aside and did the same inspection. A few mouths opened in surprise.
I said nothing, but looked at the other guy and laughed. “You see what I mean?” he said.
The girls hesitated as they sat down, unsure who I was. They were sitting to the right of me while I sat in the centre aisle. Soon they started whispering to each other. I knew that I was the subject of their conversation, but this time, I didn’t care. Their attention now was positive.
Other girls came into the classroom and they were equally uncertain who I was. A number of boys also reacted in a similar way. But I was waiting for only one person to arrive, Marco. He sat two seats away from me on the right. When I looked in his direction, I caught him looking back at me, which he had done a lot of in the last few days.
It was fairly busy when he walked into the classroom with one of his friends. He went to his desk to sit down and almost automatically he looked at my place to see if I was there. I smiled. I saw his mouth open and close again and then slowly open again. This time it remained agape.
At the same time I saw myself through his eyes. Oh, shit, I thought, it’s happening again. There was a rush of thoughts and feelings that I couldn’t figure out. I felt my/his dick become aroused and filling my pants … well, actually, his pants. I felt how he could hardly breath, his horniness taking over completely. No … no … don’t do this now, Marco. Don’t cum, I thought, not now. Marco moved his hands slowly to his crotch and rubbed his very hard love pole gently. He breathed deeply, even moaned, and turned slowly to get himself back under control. I could feel my/his mouth close, followed by the force of a hard blow against his elbow.
At that moment, I was back inside myself. I saw Marco talking to his friend. He got up and walked in my direction.
“Is it OK if I sit here, Joey?” Marco asked.
“Of course,” I said softly. With that look in Marco’s eyes, his thoughts became very clear, very quickly, or so I judged.
One of the girls got up and sat in the seat behind me. “Hey, Joey! I knew you were hiding something, but this? Wow!!!”
“Surprised?” I replied.
“Absolutely … but I love these kinds of surprises,” she said as she wet her lips.
“Stop it, Lianne!” warned Marco.
“Oh, are you jealous that I’ve never looked at you that way, Marco?”
I saw Marco start to turn away, red with anger and outrage.
I smiled at Lianne for a moment and followed him out.
“I’ll kill her, you know.”
“Who are you talking about?” I asked.
“Who do you think? That stupid interfering sister of mine. I asked her yesterday what you two had done and the only thing I got out of her was that you had been to the mall. Well, she was clearly lying.”
“Yes … sorry. I thought that was where she was taking me but ….”
“I know where you’ve been. I can see it in the clothes you’re wearing. The colouring of your hair … just right to match your eyes. That can only mean one thing. So yes, she’s going to get it from me.”
He’d looked at the colour of my eyes? Now I went all soft inside but that feeling changed quickly. Had Anita been right? Was Marco also gay? And did I have a chance?
I’d garnered a lot of attention. I think I’d received five phone numbers before the lunch break was over. I also had heard several times questions like, “Who is the new guy?”

I enjoyed it. Even some teachers found it difficult to recognize me, particularly after the lunch break and Marco went back to sitting away from me. Popular boys sat on one side and popular girls on the other side. Nobody said anything, everyone thought I was normal. My new status!
The last hour of the day was gym, a class I didn’t look forward to. I might be seen as a new person with my flashy clothes and even my new sports outfit, but the old clumsy Joey couldn’t be reworked so easily.
With his arm over my shoulder, Marco and I walked into the locker room. We had gym class together with another section of our year.
I went to my normal place and started undressing myself. I was wearing light cream briefs which outlined my dick quite nicely. My shorts were red and were of the right size to support my form.
Normally I dressed as quickly as possible but today, I took all the time in the world. I not only saw Marco but also some other boys openly watching. Attention was paid not only to my briefs but my shaved legs apparently were also noticed.
Suddenly I saw myself again through Marco’s eyes. Shit, I was again back in his head. He stood in his boxers but he was working to make his dick hard. He looked around and saw that he was not the only one in his boxers. There were three boys from the other class and two of them were openly staring as I changed and the other guy secretly threw glances at me. And then there was Peter from our class. He stood next to me and almost reached over with his hand to touch my buttocks. “Damn!” I heard Marco mumble under his breath. I saw him pick up my shorts out of the bag and step into them.

Marco’s thoughts came in loud and clear. “Damn, Joey! This makes it even worse.” He sat down and rubbed his hand over his dick. Fuck, no … not again … don’t cum now, Marco! I tried to get out of his head. The last thing I wanted was for him to cum in the change room. I felt him get more and more excited. I didn’t get outside his head but I did a daring thing: I reached out with my hand to touch his face. Nobody was watching me at that moment but immediately they turned to look. I glanced down to see what they were gazing at and saw that my dick was obviously on display in my shorts. “Thank you, Julian,” I thought. “This kind of attention wasn’t what I had in mind.”

Marco pulled on his dick twice and silently moaned inside. I felt his sperm pouring out of his dick , gradually wetting his boxers. He was almost in a trance, I noticed. I knew that the feeling of my being in his head also remained. It was no different for me. I stood in the middle of the dressing room, eyes focused on me, looking at the wetness caused by my rock hard cock. I slipped back into my own body and walked over towards the bathroom and showers. I needed some toilet paper. After I had cleaned up most of it, I left the area. Marco was standing by the showers. I walked along behind him and whispered, “We need to talk after school.” When I finished, I looked at him and saw that he had a puzzled look on his face. He hadn’t understood everything yet, but we couldn’t continue like this much longer.

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