Joey and the dream boy – 8

I was standing by the door. Yes, I had challenged him and said we had to talk, so he invited me to come over right after school. I couldn’t put our discussion off, nor did I want to because something else that was embarrassing could happen again. Marco had looked at me several times during gym period. I think he’d finally understood what was going on and I don’t think he was very happy about it now.
I was a bit surprised when Anita opened the door. “Hey, Joey, come in.”
“I’d actually expected Marco.”
“I know but that he’s still in the shower. I’m afraid he had to cool down after our talk about you.”
“Oh, is he still mad at you?”
“Not really, but he told me that you’d be coming over. He just didn’t want to tell me why.”
“Well, let’s just say there was an accident in the locker room with more than one pair of eyes focused on me and my new look.”
“Oh, shit. Did you tell him you know?”
“No, but he’ll know all about it pretty soon, so maybe it would be a good thing if you could stay around.”
“If you want, Joey.”
“Yes, please”.
“But the new look was a success?”
“You have no idea, Anita. I can’t remember ever being the centre of attention as often as I was today. I think I’ve been given at least seven phone numbers today, so that might give you some idea.”
We entered the living room and I was given a glass of water, which was all I wanted.
“I’m going to do something but I’ll be back,” Anita said. “It might be a good thing if the two of you started this conversation without my being here.”
“Perhaps … yeah. And ummm … Anita, thank you.”
She laughed and waved it away.
I waited patiently. I thought I heard more than one voice and thought that maybe Marco wasn’t alone, but I couldn’t be sure.
A few minutes later, Marco walked in. “Anita said you were already here. Sorry, but I just wanted to shower.”
He didn’t sound as confident as usual. He also remained a bit standoffish.
“Uh, you wanted to talk, Joey?”
“Yes, Marco. Don’t you think that’s necessary?”
“What about?”

I looked at him, my head cocked slightly and smiled. I decided not to say anything and just wait for his reaction.
Then I heard his internal voice say, “Shit, there, he’s doing it again! Surely he must know what an effect he has on me?”
I saw myself standing there through Marco’s eyes. I was in his head again. I felt our two dicks start to grow again and Marco was straining to contain his arousal. I still could not believe that I had that impact on him. Or he had on me. After a minute or two I breathed deeply. I had previously thought about what I wanted to say, but it wasn’t easy to say what I should.

Marco wasn’t quite finished his thought, so I kept silent. Through his eyes, I saw his eyes on me as I rubbed my hands over my dick.
“Now, what’s he doing?” I heard him think. I noticed his breathing accelerate. This was exactly what I wanted. I brought my hand to my fly and slowly began to unzip.
“No, no, nooo!!!” I heard Marco say to himself. “Why is he doing this? That’s something I want to do, what I’ve been dreaming of doing. What is he doing to me? Shit, he’s so beautiful, so beautiful. But …. ” I followed his thoughts and knew I was starting to get him where I wanted him.
I focused more on me as I opened my pants and let them begin to slide down.
I heard Marco again. “No, please, Joey. Don’t. This is … shit … almost exactly as I’ve dreamed it would happen, so I must be dreaming. Oh, he’s so gorgeous.”
I wasn’t sure about the next part of my plan. I wasn’t certain I could pull this off. Into Marco’s mind I planted the thought that he should come closer … come closer to me … help me out. Marco slowly started to move, his eyes focused on the parts of my briefs that I was showing through the zippered opening and also the top of my dick that was just peeking out above my briefs. I tried to implant the thought in Marco’s head: “Now kneel down in front of Joey, just kneel and move your hands to Joey’s trousers. Spread them open. Open them up more.” I saw him do what I told him silently to do: he went down slowly to his knees.
Marco rested on his knees and his hands went to my fly, slowly increasing the opening. I knew what I wanted him to do next but I couldn’t make him take the next step. That wouldn’t be fair. He had to take the next step on his own.
I looked at him and, when I brought my hands closer to him, his eyes moved from my briefs to my face.
“I think it’s time to talk, Marco,” I said gently.
He looked at me in surprise. “Did you do all of that?” he asked, startled.
“I just reinforced what you were thinking and what you wanted to do.”
“Shit! That can’t be ….” He got up off his knees and dropped onto the couch. He was bent over with his head in his hands.
He was crying. What should I do now? I wanted to sit next to him. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Anita and someone else walk into the room. The second person acted quickly and put his arm around Marco’s shoulder before I knew it.
“Leave them be, Joey. This is our younger brother,” Anita whispered.
Yes, he looked very much like Marco, a little smaller but still he clearly had the same facial characteristics. A moment later he looked up at me and nodded, directing me silently to sit on Marco’s other side . I looked at Anita for guidance and she nodded her approval.

Carefully I sat next to Marco and laid my arm over his back. He moved a little and his weight shifted from his brother to me.
“It can’t be, it can’t be,” I heard him mumbling.
“What can’t be, Marco?” I asked him quietly.
“This … this can’t be. I can’t cope with this, not now.”
That was not the answer I was looking for.
He slowly became a little calmer, then looked at his brother and Anita.
“You told him,” he said accusingly to Anita.
“Yes, sorry. I did. I don’t know what you were doing on Saturday around noon but Joey was inside your head at that time. He had a mishap while he was with other people. I had to explain what had happened to him. You can scold me later and be as angry as you want, but think about this first, OK, brother?”

Then she used that same beguiling smile that Marco already once had used on me, the smile with which he had persuaded me to come home with him last week after school.
“OK, what do we do now, now that he knows all about it?”he asked her.
“What are you afraid of, Marco?” Anita asked.
“Afraid? Why should I be afraid? Is there something else you know then?” he replied.
“Marco, please, be honest about this, otherwise we can’t help you,” interjected his brother.
“What do you mean?” he said, a little cross this time.
“I mean our conversation on Saturday … you know, that time when ….” He went no further but instead turned his head slightly toward me.
“Shit, I should never have let you get involved!” Marco exclaimed.
“Remember, that’s what we promised each other when they told us all about this ability one or two years ago. Don’t you remember? That together, we could get through this?”
“I know, but it ought not to happen this soon. And you were supposed to experience this first, Anita.”
“I know, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to help you. So I’ll repeat my question, Marco. What are you afraid of?”
“Can’t we discuss this better at a later time, without … sorry, Joey … but without him present?”
I could really understood where that comment came from. This was a family matter, even if I was somehow involved and hoped that, some day, I too would be a part of this family. I moved to get up when Anita intervened. “I think that Joey is already involved. You have fewer secrets from him than you might think.”
“But I’m scared, Anita. OK, maybe I shouldn’t be, but I am, “said Marco, now being completely honest.
“Afraid of what?” asked his brother gently.
“Afraid of all this. This spoils everything. I can’t have any secrets any more. I don’t understand anything any more. I thought I’d have at least another seven years before I would have to deal with this. I don’t even know how this works. And what Joey just did, shouldn’t be possible. At least, not according to what we’ve been told.”
“No, that’s true, Anita. Any thoughts on that?” asked Marco’s brother.
“I just don’t know,” she replied. “Don’t ask me to have all the answers!”
“No, I thought I knew all about it,” said Marco, “But clearly they’ve held some things back.”
“Maybe, but it first occurred with Joey. Does he know why?” Marco asked.

“He says he has no idea,” said Anita.
I could see that Marco was getting angry. Oh, I thought, I’ll bet he does have a pretty clear idea what is going on.
“Is that the whole story?” he asked Anita.
“He’s smart, I expect that he suspects more, Marco.”
“But none of us can be sure. None of this is entirely certain. It’s all happening too quickly.”
“Marco …,” began his brother. “Think about Saturday. In my opinion, you knew exactly what you were feeling. Isn’t that the only thing that matters? The rest doesn’t count.”
“Maybe,” he replied, doubt in his voice.
“Perhaps. Maybe he’s as confused as we are.”
“You know what you do to me, don’t you, Joey?”
Now it was my time to blush.
“Ummm … after what happened this afternoon … no doubt!”
“You have no doubts at all about what you can do?”

“Marco, I have wanted you for so long, perhaps from the moment I saw you for the first time, although at that time I didn’t recognise my feelings in that way.”
“But why me … why me?”
“Now I could ask that same question. I still don’t understand why someone would feel anything for me: Loner Joey, nothing special. “
“Okay,” interrupted Anita decisively, “it’s time for us to go, right, bro?”
“Ummm ….”
“No, Marco, we’ll talk later, OK? You know we’re always here for you, and you can figure out from our actions the past few days that we are more than happy with the choice you made. Joey is very special, a little intense but fun! I look forward to the mischievous pranks we’ll be playing on each other. It’ll be a blast.” Anita and her brother left the room.
“Maybe it would be better if we went to my room to chat, Joey. Well, assuming you still just want to chat.”
“Marco, stop being so nervous. I did this and … we’ll see where it goes. If more happens, great!
If not, then it’s all for the best. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”
He smiled and stood up. I followed him to his room. When I was inside, he just turned around. “May I kiss you?” he asked quietly.
I answered not in words but by moving my hand behind his head to draw his face closer to mine. I felt a sense of anticipation. This would be our first real kiss .. at least, the first not to take place in our fantasies. I left that thought to concentrate on the here and now. I gently put my lips to his. They felt so soft, so nice. They tasted like … well, Marco. I felt him slowly touch my lips with his tongue and signalled me to open my mouth. I think my breathing stopped. I felt totally at one with Marco. Our emotions skyrocketed. This is what I had always wanted and now it was happening. Incredibly, it was me, Joey, hooking up with this incredible hunk of a guy.
Our tongues now danced wildly together, a tango sparked by all the erotic energy generated between us during the past few days. All I wanted was more of it. My knees wobbled and began to give out. “Time to breathe!” I thought as I gently drew back from my kiss with Marco so I could get some air. He gazed at me, I at him.
“You know, if this is the beginning of the future, I can’t have any fears, Joey. My beautiful, sweet Joey. I love you more than you will ever know.”
Those were the only words I wanted to hear, the words which I had dreamed of hearing. Dreams could come true. Doubt no longer existed and I whispered, “Marco, my beautiful Marco. I love you more than you will ever know, but I will do everything in my power to make you see the way I feel.”

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chapter 8

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