Joey and the dreamboy – 3

I closed my eyes, waiting for the inevitable. My dick jumped in my pants, but I ignored it. Then I felt the heat of his breath on my face and I heard him whispering, “You’re worth it, Joey. Stop doubting yourself. Show me who you are.”

I felt the distance between us grow as he moved away a bit. Had I misunderstood him? I carefully opened my eyes and looked into Marco’s beautiful face. He had a big smile on it.
“Stop, Joey. Let them thing whatever they want of us. We know better anyway.”
I wondered. “Tomorrow they’ll just try again to knock me down.”
“Well, we’ll do something about that. “You’re not a loser but they are for sure.”

I’d been bullied quite often but never before had someone threatened to assault me. This was new, frightening.
“Time for the next class … don’t give up. Just wait for me in front of the school tonight, OK? I’ll take you home, trust me.” I smiled cautiously.
“That’s better, Joey. You must do that more often.” I still felt uncomfortable.

He was so nice, but what was going on? This felt so unusual to me, so very unusual. I walked behind him back to the classroom and the next lesson started. Before I knew it, I was acting normally in the classroom, just going through the day.

Why now? Why him … the boy I’d dreamed about for so long? I spent the rest of the day waiting for it to end. If he wasn’t standing there, I would take the chance and wait … or not take the risk and just try to go home as soon as possible.

When I got to my bike he was waiting there. Beautiful as always, a smile on his face.
“Hey, Joey! Luckily we’re done for the week.”
“Yes, the weekend,” I said happily.
Two days to get past! I’ll read a lot of the time … watch TV … play games … and stay out of sight. For me, nothing new … just more of the same.
“You should play more sports, Joey. Get stronger … then those bullies will leave you alone.”No, that’s not for me, sticking around a gym. All those muscles!!! What would I do there?”

“You have to start somewhere. Hasn’t everyone done that at some point?”
I shrugged my shoulders.
“Well, just come over to my place tomorrow. Where do you think I got my muscles from?” He struck a pose and his arm muscles rose in sculpted mounds. Hmmm … yes, I thought … so beautiful. So entranced, I didn’t realize that he had asked a question. Only when my gaze went from his arm to his face did I realise he’d posed his question. My answer had taken too long and I didn’t have time to think about the consequences of my response. “Yes, that’s OK,” I blurted out without thinking.
What did I just agree to? I really couldn’t do this. Being at his home … working out together. My courage faltered. “OK, that’s settled. I’ll call you as soon as I wake up. What’s your number?”

I gave him my number. We arrived at my street.
“This is as far as I go.”
“Fine … I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ll give you the address when I call you.” “See you tomorrow!”
He turned towards his house. I watched him until he’d walked two blocks further. Shit! Now what?
When I got home, things soon returned to normal … eating dinner … Friday evening chores … and then bed. I didn’t have much time to think about Saturday. I would deal with all of that tomorrow. First I needed to sleep.

His house was big, very big. I knew there were a few mansions of that size around that area but I did not know Marco lived in one. He let me in with a big smile on his face. “You’re here … good. Can we start right away?”
Before I knew it, I was in his bedroom … a nice big room with a computer, music system and a desk to work on. A mix of posters decorated the walls. Some pictured athletes, some beautiful girls, and some music groups. Nothing special actually. He closed the door behind me and sat down on the bed. I didn’t know what to do until he patted the spot next to him on the bed. Hesitantly I sat next to him.

I looked around the room but stopped when his warm hand came to rest on my face again.
“We’ll have more time for that later, Come here.” Before I knew it, our lips touched each other, his tongue penetrated between my lips. I resisted for a moment, but the taste of his lips and the softness of his tongue quickly made my resistance disappear. What followed was a passionate kiss … our tongues danced together to unheard music and he became acquainted with every intimate corner of my mouth. So it could happen … it was happening … not that I expected it. At that moment I felt my cock jump in arousal. At the same time, I needed to breathe.

I was afraid I was dreaming … that this was not happening … so I tried to suppress the need for air as long as possible. Unfortunately, I felt him slowly pull back. We keken elkaar aan. We looked at each other. I saw his hand slowly moving towards my pants. The touch caused an involuntary reaction … a deep intake of air … and a rush of feelings that went through my body. His other hand had caught my hand and he brought it against his crotch. I felt the warmth before I touched it. There was something special in my dreams … his delicious love pole. Was it really that hard and big?

He’d let go of my hand and pushed against me with his other hand. He wanted me to stand up. I responded to his hands … stood up … and turned towards him. His hands quickly went to my pants, began to loosen the knots, and then they quickly dropped to the floor. I tried to look at him, but his eyes were now focused on my cock. My feelings were all over the place but physically they expressed themselves in a stiffness that I knew I could be proud of. He rubbed gently over my briefs. I could not control myself any more. My basic instincts needed to be unleashed. My dream boy understood that and pushed the edge of my briefs over my dick. With a jump it looked for freedom. I heard him moan a deep sigh. His hands came closer … and even closer … and then touchdown! My cock became even harder, if that was possible. It welcomed his muscular fingers, which slowly began to stroke the skin of my shaft. Up and down, up and down, up and down.
My knees began to wobble. I knew that this could not last much longer. A second hand had now also found its way to my balls, where juices, I felt, were slowly reaching the boiling point. I laid my hands on his shoulders. He looked up, smiling when he saw my face. He kept looking as he slowly brought me to a height. My cum was ready … ready to show that it was meant for him … and then it squirted, one, two, three, four, five times. It never wanted to end. I really needed to rest myself against him. Energy drained from my body and, at the same time, I felt immense pleasure and pure ecstasy.
I never thought it could be that way and now it had happened with him. The last drops of cum dribbled out and I half hung on him … Marco, my dream boy. My head rested on his shoulders. I felt his breath on my neck. I felt him kissing me gently … not once but several times. I was exhausted, sweat coating my body from the exertion. He kissed me on my neck and licked the nectar of sweat from my skin.
Slowly I began to breathe normally again. I pushed myself backwards a little, a slight smile on my face. I looked at him, knowing that it was my turn now. My hands moved slowly down. Apparently he understood what I wanted. I saw a smile creep onto his lips as he spoke quietly. “Not necessary,” he whispered. He blushed … and I knew … wow, he had cum without being touched!

I was amazed. I’d done that to him … me, Joey … who everyone thought of as a mere boy … and a loser. A sense of comfort, of joy washed over me. Was it possible … or ….

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Chapter 4

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