Joey and the dreamboy – 5

Marco had a smile on his face. I couldn’t say anything. In a smooth movement I let the towel fall and I dove into the water. I needed cooling down. Simply swim … glide through the water … don’t think … just do.
I enjoyed the refreshing water. I felt the tension flowing out of my body. My muscles relaxed. Delightful! Marco had been right … swimming sure helped. After a few lengths, I felt Marco standing next to me.
I didn’t know what to do. Should I say something or what? I thought back to what had happened. Did it really take place, or had I dreamed it all? That yellow jockstrap came from somewhere and that hickey on my neck wasn’t fake. I felt my dick begin to grow again as I thought of those erection-inducing dream encounters.

After another 10 minutes or so, I’d had enough. I eased myself over to the side of the pool, pulled myself up, and sat on the edge, my feet dangling in the water. I looked at Marco who was diligently doing lengths. My gaze raked over his body. He was wearing a pretty unrevealing swimsuit, unfortunately I thought as I felt my cock stiffen. Apparently, I dared do more now even without my towel available to cover myself up.
I saw Marco slow down and eventually he moved towards me.
“It’s nice to swim after a workout like this, isn’t it?”
“Yes, wonderful! I was pretty tired and my muscles were stiff, but that swimming really helped.”
“Exactly … but you’ll really feel the difference tomorrow.”
“But you won’t be ‘stiff’ if you do this any more.” I subtly put the emphasis on the word “stiff” to see if he would pick up on my choice of words.
Damn, he coloured a bit. He came closer to me and pushed against me.
“Do I have to teach Anita yet another lesson? Or has she been behaving?”
“Oh, she was like wax in my hands,” I said.
“Well … you must have made quite an impression on her. She’s taking you shopping tomorrow, I understand.”
“Yes … an unexpected but nice gesture.”
He looked at me and said, “You’re braver than I am. I hear from others who go shopping with their girl friends that they can encounter the worst situations imaginable!”
“I can see that … but she’s not really my girl friend, Marco.”
“Oh, she’s already become attracted to you for some reason. She’s never taken any of my friends shopping before.”
“Well, you’ve got me for the rest of today and I’ll be your sister’s companion tomorrow. What else are we going to do?” I was shocked by how forward I’d become. I was never like this before … but Marco made me feel comfortable. I could be myself … despite what had happened before.
“I don’t know … maybe just play a game or watch a video … whatever you’d like.”

For the next few minutes, we chatted back and forth about what we’d do. He had a huge collection of games and movies ,,, and quite a number of books. Once during our talk I felt a hand on my swimsuit, softly rubbing back and forth over my dick. Damn!!! I didn’t realize that he would be inspired to do that. It was nice and I felt my cock begin to harden all over again. I didn’t dare look at Marco but tried to move my hand to the side of my body, between us.
“Do you know that you have a pretty obvious hickey on the side of your neck there? That must have been hot!”
Finally, I had an excuse to pull my hand back. Luckily I turned my head and looked at him.
“You have no idea, Marco, how much fun it was. It was so hot … so horny … so … wow!”
“Ah, okay … sorry … I don’t need any details. I just didn’t expect that from you,” he responded shyly, almost with a tone of regret that he’d asked for the information in the first place.
“Well, I didn’t do much to earn that mark … other than maybe just letting the other one do it.”
“You liked it, then?”
“Yes … but you have to know what that’s like from your own experiences. After all, you’re really popular at school.”
“Sure … but that doesn’t mean I dive in bed with everyone who offers,” he responded, a bit defensive and aggressive at the same time.
“Oh, I didn’t say that, Marco. Don’t get me wrong … but you know what they say about popular guys.”
He laughed again. “Yes … but quiet waters may run deep, as the old saying goes,” he said, pointing to my neck.
I blushed at that. “It’s getting cooler … I’m going to get dressed, OK?”
“Sure. I’ll get the movie ready.”
I nodded and walked back to the building.

A little while later, we were lying on his bed watching a movie on the ridiculously big screen.
Don’t bother asking which movie we saw. I was periodically distracted as I enjoyed the occasional touch with his legs and feet … the heat of his body so close to mine … and, oh yes … the smell that came off his bed. It was definitely Marco, I thought. Several times I began to get stiff but I could happily suppress those impulses. The rest of the afternoon was fun, cosy … as if I’d known him for years. Why was that?
About 4 o’clock I left Marco and that beautiful home and went back to my own stomp … my own room was empty, without any energy or feeling in it. It might even have felt worse than normal. My parents had called out to me as I came in but I’d ignored them. It was now 8 o’clock in the evening and still there was no call for supper. Apparently they’d begun drinking earlier in the day.

All my self-confidence from earlier that day was lost. That was another world that I couldn’t be a part of. I didn’t have a place there. Don’t get used to it, I told myself. I was a loser, with loser parents and no chance … shit!!! Perhaps I felt even more depressed than I felt before Marco began to talk to me. This was ….
I started reading one of the few books I owned. Daydreaming was what I most loved. There I could pull back into my own world. Hoping for another such wonderful dream, I slowly began to sink into a deep sleep.
I smelled something or someone … hmmm … that smelled delicious!!! I knew that smell. I looked around me and I was back in Marco’s bedroom. He lay next to me, a broad smile on his face.
“Do you know how I get off?”
I looked at him, to gauge what he meant.
“You know ….” He moved his hand to his dick and made a subtle gesture.
“Oh,” I said “Ummm … no, not really.”
“Here … you have to look.” He pressed the button on the TV, and a naked woman and man appeared. Together they lay on a bed and what they were doing was clear. Annoyed, I looked at the screen. Horny guy, I thought. My eyes were mostly on the man. “Nice guy,” Marco said.
A little later, a third person appeared … a young guy who first started paying attention to the woman but then moved his hands over onto the man, stroking his torso, his nipples and slowly his1 shoulders, too. A little later, he lowered himself down to his dick and balls while the first man continued fiercely licking the female.
“Nice,” Marco said again. I looked at him. My gaze went to his crotch. He had a hardon … that much was clear. I knew my dick was in the same state. He hesitated but came slowly closer to me. I didn’t resist him when our lips gently touched each other. Hmmm … he was delicious … that soft skin … the furnace-like warmth that came from him. I felt him breath slowly through his mouth. The air made his lips vibrate slightly … then my lips gently tapped against his. Wow! Hello … hmmm ….
Then he opened his lips and gently pushed his tongue against my lips … getting them wet … and then his tongue slipped into my mouth. An explosion of pleasure went through me when his tongue touched the tip of mine.

In the meantime, our hands had taken an identical path. My hands had found the way to his back. His were more targeted towards my crotch … opening my zipper and then my pants. He must have felt the warmth of my dick through my briefs. I pushed my chest up. I wanted to feel those hands again, just this time on my own dick instead of his.
He pushed my briefs down quickly and surrounded my dick with his hand. Very gently now he began to brush the skin. Gently stroking up and down, he slowly uncovered my cockhead too. I moaned. We were still kissing forcefully. My hands had now taken his t-shirt out of his pants and he realized that I wanted to remove that piece of clothing that separated us.
He stopped kissing, looked at me and allowed me to pull the t-shirt over his head. I took in the sight of his beautiful upper body. It was a little hairy but overall smooth. “Incredible,” I sighed quietly. He had now let go of my dick and did the same to me. I saw his eyes take in every bit of my torso and it seemed like he drowned in it. I laughed. “The rest too,” I said softly.
I looked at his crotch where his hands opened his zipper and pushed his pants down quickly. He wore a pair of white tanga briefs that showcased his cock in all its glory.

OK! He pushed the briefs down … releasing his beautiful love pole with a decided jump to freedom. It had been waiting to be released. A bead of seminal fluid enthusiastically flew from the tip of his dick and ended up on his upper legs and belly. Without thinking, my hands moved to his tummy and scooped it up. I carefully put the drops to my lips and licked them up. This time, I got to taste him myself. My dick wanted the same treatment as I started to drip now too.

“I want to taste it,” I heard Marco say quietly. He pushed me over and, a moment later, the warm air of his breath caressed my dick. It tried to reach Marco’s mouth … then, boom … there it was! His tongue hit my glans. I breathed in sharply while feeling pure pleasure throughout my body. What an experience! Gently his tongue moved further and further towards my balls. At the same time, I realized what he was doing. New waves of enjoyment pulsed through my body and I knew that this cascade of feelings could not last much longer.

I pushed Marco gently. I didn’t want this to end so quickly … and I wanted Marco to feel what I was feeling. I didn’t want to cum yet … but, at that moment, as Marco touched my balls with his tongue, I knew I was lost. I felt my balls pull up and wave after wave of sperm left my balls on their way to Marco’s mouth. In the meantime my hands had found his dick and felt it get harder. Actually, while I crested on the waves of my orgasm, just after I had finished, I also felt him cum. Just before that happened, he turned around and picked something up from his bedside table and held it against his dick.

I watched in awe as he shot his sperm, pulse after pulse, from his dick. He caught it in something, I could see. Wow, he kept shooting cum shot after cum shot. When he finally finished, he put the object on the nightstand and dropped back onto bed. He looked at me and said.,”Oh, what a joy you are, Joey! I never dreamed that anything like this could happen.”
Oh yes … and that was when I woke up to a knock on my door.
“We’re back home. Keep quiet if you stay up much longer … and take it easy today. We want to sleep ….”

And with that I heard footsteps move down the hallway and the door of their bedroom close. They couldn’t have known whether I was home or not … nor did they much care. I thought back about my dream. What a great erotic way of cumming! I was sure I had done just that … but my briefs weren’t wet and the bed and sheets were dry as well.
Strange. I knew that I really had cum. I sat down and saw it was almost 10 o’clock. It was time to get up. Anita would pick me up soon. I glanced at my bedside table. What was that, sitting there? Was that … no … that couldn’t be! It had all been a dream.
But … my hand slowly moved to the object … the jockstrap! First the jockstrap … then the hickey.
What was going on?

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Chapter 6

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