Joey and the dreamboy – 2

I was only half aware that the door had been opened.  I felt my hand against my yellow jockstrap.  A wet spot had formed there.  In a haze, I became aware that someone was saying something to me.  “Hey, Joey … it’s time to get up or else you’ll be late to school.”

“Oh,” I replied sleepily.

The door was closed again, my mother satisfied that I had woken up.  What had happened?  Had I dreamed it all?  Surely …  no … oh, shit!  Then I had come twice  already.  Wow, what a dream!  If only this could have been reality.  But the boy from my dream could never be real, could he?  No, unfortunately, it had to have been a dream.  It could not have been real … and that date to work out at his place would never take place.

I punched the blanket in frustration and sat on the edge of the bed.  Wait a minute.  I felt my ass cheeks. They didn’t feel normal, not at all.  I looked down and gulped.  What?  I looked once more and placed my hand on my crotch.  This was impossible.  I didn’t own a pair of underwear like these … and still I was wearing them.  Yes … they were just like that yellow jockstrap which I’d dreamed about.

Was it a dream or not?  I looked around the room but everything was exactly as it supposed to be.  How could I determine if it had been a dream or not?  Damn!!!  The last thing I could do was ask my dream boy that question.  How odd that would be?

But how was I going to determine whether I had dreamed or not?  I thought back to what had happened in the dream.  Hmmm … those white panties … those I had definitely given to my dream boy.  I walked quickly to my dresser and opened my underwear drawer.  I quickly went through the white briefs and counted them.  That didn’t help, as I didn’t know exactly how many pairs I had had.  I sighed deeply.  Maybe a shower would clear my head.

I showered, then started to dress myself.  Carefully I took note of which kind of underwear I put on.  It was a pair of white Bon Giorno brand briefs which always showcased my bulge nicely.  I loved the way they showed off that area of my body.  I finished dressing, grabbed my bag, and thought (just in case) I should slip the yellow jockstrap into the bag, so I did.

Arriving at school I looked around to see if I could meet my dream boy.  (Marco is his name, by the way.)  Second period we had a class together, so I would certainly see him then.

Nervously, I walked to the classroom.  Yes, there he was.  As always, he sat at the rear while I usually sat in one of the front rows.  I went to my usual seat but, before I sat down, we made eye contact.  I’m sure he gave me a tiny nod … just a small sign of recognising me that morning.  But I didn’t get it.  Did all that happen for real?  I was confused now.  Luckily I escaped any questions from the teachers as, most of that hour, I was in a daze … lost in my own world and perhaps in my dream world.

I heard the bell ring and I stood up.  I left as quickly as I could.  I would have liked to have waited, but now was not the time for a meeting.  I was too confused.  

We now had a 30 minute break.  I walked in the direction of the arts side of the building.  This was the area I loved most … music, drawing, painting … it was all wonderful.

Quickly I sneaked into the auditorium.  This is an area where I always came to relax.  There was usually no one there.  I heard the door open behind me again.

“Hey, Joey!  What are you doing here?”

Damn!!!  The two boys from my dream.  Was it a wish fulfilment or ….

They got closer. One was on my right side and the other one on my left.

“Let’s take a look at what he brought for us this time!”

Before I knew it, they’d pulled my bag from my hands.  One of the two opened it and turned it upside down.

Nooooo, I thought.  Dammit.  The jockstrap fell out.  What now?  I felt myself blush as one of the guys bent over and moved towards picking up the jockstrap.

“What have we here?  Hmmm … what a strange piece of clothing!  Like something fags like to wear, isn’t it?”

“I think so,” replied the other.  “And what is it doing in your bag, Joey?”

“Eh … well … I … umm,” I stammered.  They didn’t let me finish.  

“What are we going to do with this now?”

“Give it back,” I shouted.  “Leave me alone!!!”

“Well, that’s not gonna happen.  What shall we do?   Maybe we should help him to put it on?”

“Come here and take your trousers off, Joey,” they demanded.

I stepped backwards but was blocked.  The other boy began to loosen the buttons of my trousers.

“Leave him be,” someone shouted from the other side of the auditorium.  “Leave him alone and get out of here!”

I didn’t know what I’d found more humiliating: my standing there almost in my jockstrap or my dream boy Marco seeing me so helpless.

The two bullies left quickly.

“Sorry that I wasn’t here earlier.  I saw them following you and I figured they were up to no good.”

“I’m glad you were here.  Thank you.”

He put his hand out while he said, “My name’s Marco and you’re Joey, correct?”

“Hmmm … yes.”  I reached out to shake his hand and I felt my knees begin to buckle.

“Here … let me help you.”

“No, that’s OK.  I can do this on my own.”

“No … four hands make light work.”

I deliberately didn’t look at the jockstrap as I began to pack my bag.   He took the stuff that had scattered further away.   He pointed at the jockstrap and said, “They’re quite comfortable, aren’t they?”

I blushed again.  Now what could I say to get myself out of this, I wondered.

“I’ve got one just like that, but I’ve never worn it to school.”

I picked up the jockstrap and put it in my bag.

We were both were getting up now and I could feel the heat of his body … so close and yet so far away.

I looked the other way, but felt him put his hand on my check and slowly rotated it against me tenderly.  Our lips were now only a few inches apart.  I looked directly into his eyes.

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Chapter 3

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