Tim and Michel chapter 60

Chapter 60 of Tim and Michel

So perhaps you were wondering what happened in the shower? Well, I’m sorry to say that, although Michel kept teasing me, I escaped from there without too much of a problem. I tried to get him to go with me to school, but he started to distance himself the moment I said it … so we went to school separately.

We talked a lot at school about the meeting. Brandon, Paul and Dennis were a bit more optimistic about it all but, still, we weren’t sure of the outcome and couldn’t wait until we could get going. On Friday evening, I was picked up by Michel’s uncle. He would take Mark and me up to the small town where we thought it would all happen. Michel said that two rooms were booked for us at a small motel just outside the town but not in it. We would meet up with Mark on the way as he had stayed with Karl the last few days.

“Did you see Michel?” I asked his uncle as we were settled on the motorway.

“No, I talked with his mother but his dad isn’t letting Michel out of his sight right now. I think he mainly blames me for this.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

“I think he still resents me for being gay. He took it badly when I told him many years ago. I thought he’d come around but I see now that I doubt he ever did accept me, to be honest.”

“You’ll not give up on him, will you?”

“No … I’m not sure .…”

“Please … for Michel’s sake … he needs you.”

He looked at me closely before turning back to the traffic.

“I know, Jamey. I know. I won’t give up on him or on my brother.”

“Good, I think you would regret it if you did.”

“You’re way too wise for your age, you know, Jamey.”

I blushed a bit.

“So … what do you know about Mark?” he asked.

“Not a lot. Karl said he was younger and that we had some stuff in common to talk about.”

“Ah, well … that you’re both gay, for one thing.”

“Yeah … definitely that … but I’m just not sure what else. Might be he’s without his parents as well.”

“You’ll be OK. You only have to spend a few hours playing around the church tomorrow … you’ll cope.”

“You don’t think we’ll find out much tomorrow?”

“No … this feels like a wild goose chase so we just have to be patient.”

We got to the motel around 10 pm. It had been about a 5 hour drive. I knew the town wasn’t close but this felt like it was out in the middle of nowhere.

“So now what?” I asked as we got out.

“Let me go and get the keys and then we’ll meet Karl and Mark and see what the strategy is for tomorrow.”

I looked around. It wasn’t a big motel, just 15 rooms or so. Not all were occupied as there were only about six cars or so outside.

“OK, we’re in rooms 7 and 8,” Michel’s uncle said when he came back from the reception desk.

We walked towards the rooms. He opened number 7 without using the key.

“I thought you’d be here,” he said while opening the door.

Karl and someone else were sitting on the edge of the bed.

He stood up and walked towards Michel’s uncle. “Good to see you again.”

“You too, Jamey,” he said, shaking my hand as well.

“So let me introduce you to Mark … he’s one of my nephews.”

The teenage boy got up and came over to us. “Glad to meet you,” he said softly and we shook hands as well. He seemed a bit shy, I thought.

“So, what’s the plan?” Michel’s uncle asked.

“Well, I’m leaving in a moment. You can sleep in room 8 and the guys can have room 7. I’m sure they’ll have lots to talk about. Then tomorrow, you drive into town … it’s about eight miles from here. You’ll find a church in the middle of town. There are lots of vantage points to check the area out while staying nearby. You need be to be there at 9.30 as mass starts at 10. It might take up to two hours before you see anyone exiting. They normally stay around talking for a bit before leaving. When they’re all gone, someone will lock up the church. At that point, call your uncle and then you can go back home. I’ll be in touch on Sunday to discuss the things you saw.”

“What do we need to look out for?” I asked.

“Most important is car number plates. We want to see if we can track where everyone in the community is living. That is step 1. I think you’ll also want to make a special note of any couples that come in on their own. They don’t have children and that is kind of strange for this group of people.”

“You think Tim might be with them then?” Mark asked.

“He might be … we just don’t know. But don’t expect to see him straight away … this is likely to be a time-consuming stakeout and we might need several weeks to get what we want.”

“What if someone comes up to talk to us?” I asked.

“You just say that you’re waiting for your uncle to pick you up.”

“We’re family then?” I asked while looking at Mark.

“Yeah … that’s the idea.”

“OK … any questions?”

“No, not really,” I replied.

“Good. If you do, text me … OK, Mark?”

“Yes, sir,” Mark promised.

“Well … it’s time for me to leave. Good luck, guys.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant by that … but we said our goodbyes.

“I’m going to go to bed, guys. I’ve had the late shift all week in the bar and I was awake early today as well. I’ll knock on your door tomorrow around 9 a.m. Have a good sleep.”

When Michel’s uncle closed the door, there I was unexpectedly in a room with this unknown, but pretty good looking, guy. I knew better than to hope that he’d start the conversation. He’d already shown himself to be very shy.

“So … I guess we’re on stakeout together.”

“Yeah, it seems so.”

“You OK with that?” I asked.

“Yes … anything I can do to help Granddad is fine….” He paused for a moment … looked me in the eye … and then a small smile appeared on his face. He added, “Not a disappointment when I have to spend the night with a hunk like you, either.”

OK! I started to blush again. “Thanks, Mark. You’re pretty cute yourself.”

“So … does that mean we can have some fun?” he said.

So much for being shy! I couldn’t have been more wrong. Once alone, he was quite forward now.

“No … sorry, Mark, but I have a boyfriend.”

“Me, too … but he doesn’t have any say in this.”

I sat down on the only chair in the room. “Oh, why is that?”

“He has to do what I want. He’s got nothing to say about what I do.”

A thought began to form in my mind. Just like his granddad, was he ….?

“He’s your slave” I said quietly.

“Yeah. Do you have a problem with that?” His voice now was strong … a bit too much so, I thought. He was proud but also insecure, I judged. That is why he had been shy when we had entered.

“No, I’ve got one myself,” I said.

“Really? You do?” he asked.


“Oh … I didn’t think you ….”

“Not manly enough for it, Mark?” I asked.

He’d backed down a bit now. “Sorry if I insulted you, Jamey. I just thought … well … you know you don’t look …..”

“I know I don’t have your muscles, Mark, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to push someone’s buttons”

He blushed now. He stood up and moved closer to me. He held out his hand. “Sorry, Jamey. I’m new to all of this and, although I want to help, I didn’t expect to meet another master.”

“That’s OK, Mark.”

“How is Michel doing?” he asked.

He seemed to know quite a bit of the background of the story.

“Not good. But, once we find Tim, he will be.”

“You’re a good friend of Tim’s.”

“Yeah … he’s the best.”

“I don’t have many friends my own age, you know. I’m not yet out at school.”

“How old are you, Mark?” I asked.

“Just 16.”

“Wow … and you already own a slave. You’re still young.”

“I know what I want and Tom adores me,” he replied quickly.

“I’m sure he does. But do you adore Tom as well?” I asked.

“Of course … otherwise, we wouldn’t be together.”

“Well … maybe you should respect him a bit more, then, and not expect to do it with just any one who you find attractive. Let your own relationship develop first.”

I saw that he was thinking about that.

“I just don’t know. Maybe I am too young and don’t deserve someone like Tom yet.”

I looked at him. “Shall we get ready for bed and you can tell me about him, OK?”

Before long we were in bed. We’d undressed with our backs to each other and had gotten in the bed without seeing much of each other’s body. Not even a peek. But in bed it wasn’t easy to ignore that we were naked together.

“So … tell me how you met him.”

Mark started to tell the story about Tom coming to their house as a surprise for his brother and him. Paid for. He said he fell in love with him straight away … but he wasn’t sure if that was because of who he was or of his slavish behaviour. But later on, after not seeing him for a while, he knew he wanted just to be with him … although the aspect of having him do what he wanted was exciting as well. Mark had had several talks with his dad about it.

“Your dad?” I said.

“Yeah … you sound surprised.”

“Yes. I’m not sure I would talk with my granddad about something like that, to be honest.”

“Oh … my dad helped me to get Tom in the end. So he ended up being both my boyfriend and my slave.”

“Wow!!! That’s quite special. Is Tom OK with that? Isn’t he too young to know he is a slave?”

“Oh, no! Tom is 21 already. We’ve talked about it and he loves me … but he also loves to serve me and makes sure I’m always proud of him as well.”

Next he told me what Tom had done for him so far.

“So … what do you think?

“Sounds like he loves you a lot, Mark.”

“Yeah … I’m pretty sure he does,” he said in a wistful voice. “So how did you meet your slave boy?” he asked.

“Oh … that was quite special. I’d seen him before ….” I started to tell him the story about the party. I saw that he liked what I had done.

“I’m still not sure what Martin thought when we met the first time, but I knew that there was sexual tension between us from the first moment we saw each other. When he got up on that podium, I felt so proud of him … that he would do that for me … showing how much he must have liked me.”

“Hmmm … yeah … I wondered about that too, you know.”

“About what, Mark?”

“Well … what they feel … why they do it. I’ve tried to talk with my brother about that … he too is a slave, you know … and he tried to explain it … but I just can’t see it.”

“Maybe that’s why you’re a master, Mark, and not a slave.”

“I know … but have you ever wondered?”

Now that was a question that really hit home. Of course I’d wondered about it … and I’d planned to talk with Tim about it … as I wanted to understand Martin better … but I just hadn’t found the courage yet to do it … and now, well, now it might be too late.

“You have thought about it as well, haven’t you?” he said as I kept staring off into space.

“Yeah … I have, Mark.” With that admission, it hit me like a truck: I needed to understand Martin. If I really was his master, I needed to get to the bottom of his sexual being. I think at that point we both were considering the same question.

I let out a sigh. “You ask tough questions there, Mark. I’m not sure I want to know the answer at this point … but I feel it might be necessary in the future. Did you ask your granddad Karl?”

“No. I can talk with my dad but I have not seen Karl, my granddad, that much. Might do it in the future. Who knows?”

“Well … maybe it’s time to go to sleep then,” I said.

“Yeah … I’m not sure that I can but we’d better try, I guess.” He turned the light out and I knew he’d he turned his back towards me. I did the same. I felt how tired I was and was asleep before I knew it.

I know I was awakened by some movement in the bed. I remembered where I was and then thought … no, Mark … please don’t do that. But I could feel from the movement of the bed what Mark was doing. I knew he was 16 and 16 year olds are always horny … but couldn’t he have waited to do it in the shower or somewhere more private?

His climax took another minute … then he shuddered, stopped stroking and sighed. Done, I thought. Then suddenly he looked over his shoulder and looked me straight in the face. I smiled.

“Fuck,” he exclaimed.

“Well … same result,” I joked.

“Oh, I ….”

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